Our next showing is on December 11 - 9PM EST - The Nutcracker

Sold out in person. Will be streamed on our Twitch!

~Whispering winds rustle the leaves, carrying rumors of excitement to come~

  • December 11 & 12 - The Nutcracker

~A chronicle of wandering wonders~

~A sapling for your garden and flowers for your heart~

Looking for entertainment for your party? Want a concert to celebrate an occasion? We offer comprehensive event services and organization to scale from simple birthday bashes to elaborate ornate ballroom galas, catering included.

Be it just having a bard to provide a romantic atmosphere for your date or the entire troupe to make your dreams of a majestic themed concert come to life, our performers are available for hire, for a fair price and excellent service.

For an enhanced FFXIV experience - reach out to us through our discord, contact Alden (KJShen#8765) or Sachiko (mouse#6421) or even drop us an email.

We are currently available on Crystal and Primal Datacenters.

Staff HirePricing
Lead Bard450k per hour
Addit. Bards250k per hour/bard

*Other services include custom song and dance commissions, catering and associated staffing, decorating, and venue hire. Contact us directly for a quote.

~Deep roots, a strong bole, a warm home for the wandering soul~

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking for talented, motivated, and passionate individuals to work with. Founded on the idea that we as many can do greater things together, the Wandering Bole is already a home for many that strive to take creativity in FFXIV to new heights.

Members aren't limited in any way - you're free to run your own venue or associate with other organizations. We act as a center to come hang out with like-minded people and create awesome things together.

Contact Sachiko (mouse#6421), Colm (McNichols#9615), or Alden (KJShen#8765) if you are interested in contributing in the following areas listed below, or if you have a brand new idea you'd like to try!

  • Event coordination

  • Dancing

  • Performance Choreography

  • Acting

  • Scriptwriting

  • Barding

  • Music and Midi Editing

  • Decorating

  • Gathering and crafting

~Here our song and story begins~

The Wandering Bole is a FFXIV-based production company founded in 2021. We specialize in creating and hosting in-game performances and events - from concerts, to full-blown theatrical productions, to collaborative community festivals.

We're dedicated to making in-game community events and performances accessible to everyone. All of our events have an all-ages policy and are open to the public. While we want and encourage our members to have fun, we also believe that having fun doesn't necessarily mean compromising quality. We pride ourselves on having talented event coordinators, performers, and support staff who work hard to make our events special.

While we put on at least one public event every month, we're also available for private hire. Our team can help, whether you're looking for a bard or two for an upcoming event, or you want to hire us to coordinate a large-scale performance or event.